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Workouts For Stay At Home Moms

I believe in the importance of exercise too much not to share some tips for workouts for stay at home moms. Whether you come into the Worx in Alexandria, VA, for private session, workout in groups or can’t get out of the house because of toddlers, helping you stay fit is my prime objective. I can help you directly at the gym and with some tips for those stay at home moms, especially those with babies or toddlers who are constantly on call. Here are some quick exercises you can do in those brief moments you have to yourself.

You can start with a workout while you work.

Any busy mom will tell you that the days seem to fly by with very little time for anything else but housework and childcare. That’s when I suggest they make the work a real workout. Every mom knows about multitasking, whether you stay at home or not. Do you need to pick up laundry or toys, do squats as you do? Vacuum with extra effort doing lunges with each push. Vigorously clean windows by turning to the side and reaching for the window with the outermost arm. Leg and calf raises are doable when you’re at the sink and putting folded clothes in a basket can be completed with a squat.

Combine all three types of exercises with circuit training.

Are the kids napping and you have limited time? Try circuit training. You’ll get more benefit in less time when you increase intensity, lifting more or resting less between exercises. With circuit training, you do several sets of different exercises in a row, rest and repeat. One of my favorites starts with one minute of jumping, followed by a minute of butt kicks for a warm up. Complete the workout circuit with a minute of each: mountain climbers, burpees and a minute plank. Rest a minute and repeat three to four times until you reach a twenty minute workout.

Strength training is important and you don’t have to have weights.

There’s no need to buy a set of weights that take up a lot of room when you have the option of spending a few dollars on resistance bands or go even cheaper with homemade weights, like milk jugs, laundry jugs or other bottles filled with sand or water. You can use soup cans, too. As you get stronger, add more water until you fill it to the top. Warm up with a minute of jump rope, then do ten of each, pushups, bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, lunges, squats and finish with a one-minute plank. Rest a minute and repeat. If you have time and/or energy, do a third time.

  • Just dashing up and down the stairs is good exercise. When you have an extra minute, do a few laps up and down the stairs. You can mix it with your daily chores by taking fewer items from the laundry and making more trips.
  • You don’t have to make sure your child is in bed when you include them in the workout. I’ve seen mothers build incredible strength just by lifting their child. As they get heavier, you lift more weight. Combine that with some extra moves, like squats while you’re holding them.
  • If you’re a brand-new mom and have the doctors okay, take the baby for a walk in the buggy or stroller. Just getting out and walking on nice days is good exercise for you and the fresh air is good for both of you.
  • When you want more than a solitary workout, come to The Worx by Maia. There’s a program that is sure to fit your schedule and both group and private training.

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