Our Studio

Our Studio

High energy, high intensity

The WorX began just as a bootcamp: high energy, high intensity, and highly motivational. As Maia’s love and care for her bootcampers grew, it changed into a path of empowerment for her and for those who attended her classes. Call it an evolution of group exercise; call it a synergy of body, mind, and heart; call it whatever you want, but the bottom line is that it is one of the best things you can do for you.

A main part that distinguishes the WorX is the community. Maia’s 6 years of experience as a Recreational Camp Director, High School Rugby Coach and Middle School Lead Teacher allows her to transform every workout into a self and team building workout. Maia develops a strong understanding of the company’s and students’ goals and reasons for her coming to ensure that she provides a quality program.

The truth is that oftentimes our busy lives challenge the best of us to do the right thing. Also, our environment and the people we surround ourselves with impact our decisions. That’s why at the WorX you find yourself with people who believe in you NO MATTER WHAT.

Every person is a WorX in Progress. Being a part of the WorX gives you the confidence boost you need, the words you deserve to hear, and the will to make things happen. One caveat: all this happens only if you are ready. Ask yourself… am I ready to put ‘me’ first???? Are you ready to get inspired and move forward with your fitness and even your lifetime goals?

Get Started

Coaches Code

We are here to serve you!

Your volunteer WorX coaches are committed to supporting the WorX community.

We live by a code – created by the team. All coaches receive leadership training to better themselves, which in turn will help the Team WorX community prosper.

Coaches are always available and eager to support you by answering questions, teaching/modeling exercises, or recommending steps you can take to improve your fitness and nutrition. We move forward, together!

Interested in joining Team Impact and becoming a WorX coach? Contact Maia at maia@theworXbyMaia.com.

In The Community

Got something you want to raise funds for??

Want Team WorX to help spread the “Let’s Get Healthy and Moving”bug??

Need someone to warm up your 5K and lead the cheers at your event?

Want to use the WorX for a community event?

…Contact Maia. She truly believes that everything that she wants in life will happen, if she helps enough people get what they want.

Sponsors & Thank You

The coolest thing about how TeamWorX expanded is that YOU were a part of the making. Some of Maia’s students shared their skills with the team. That’s what being part of the team is all about. It is the diversity within the team that makes the team strong and powerful. Because of your help, we can continue to help others.

A Genuine Thank You Goes Out To All Of Those Who Took The Time To Help The WorX Grow!