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Our Studio


The WorX began just as a bootcamp: high energy, high intensity, and highly motivational. As Maia’s love and care for her bootcampers grew, it changed into a path of empowerment for her and for those who attended her classes. Call it an evolution of group exercise; call it a synergy of body, mind, and heart; call it whatever you want, but the bottom line is that it is one of the best things you can do for you.

A main part that distinguishes the WorX is the community. Maia’s 6 years of experience as a Recreational Camp Director, High School Rugby Coach and Middle School Lead Teacher allows her to transform every workout into a self and team building workout. Maia develops a strong understanding of the company’s and students’ goals and reasons for her coming to ensure that she provides a quality program.

The truth is that oftentimes our busy lives challenge the best of us to do the right thing. Also, our environment and the people we surround ourselves with impact our decisions. That’s why at the WorX you find yourself with people who believe in you NO MATTER WHAT.

Every person is a WorX in Progress. Being a part of the WorX gives you the confidence boost you need, the words you deserve to hear, and the will to make things happen.One caveat: all this happens only if you are ready.Ask yourself… am I ready to put ‘me’ first???? Are you ready to get inspired and move forward with your fitness and even your lifetime goals?

After my experience working with Coach Chris, co-owner of Onyx, I knew partnering the Worx with Onyx for athletic training would help our athletes realize their greatest potential!

ONYX is more than just a performance facility, they view their services and products as an opportunity for CHANGE! Their world-class trainers have experience working with young athletes, working professionals, and world-class athletes, to achieve and exceed their goals both on and off the field.

ONYX ELITE training incorporates a training system used to get the best results from people of all ages and physical capabilities. With the focus being on functional targets such as; speed and strength as opposed to competitors who focus on aesthetic targets such as pounds and inches, they get the most out of their clients. Improved performance, weight loss, and total health will be a byproduct of appropriate training and mentorship. So stop waiting and come embrace the change in yourself with ONYX ELITE!

The WorX is here to support you in your journey. Take action and do something incredible for yourself. YOU DESERVE IT. Why? because you have VALUE and you can GROW your VALUE!

The team challenges you to take the next step by empowering your body, spirit and will at the WorX.


Why Onyx at The WorX by Maia?

After my 3rd baby being almost 10 lbs, my body was no longer functional. Baby Emmet’s weight worsened an old rugby hip injury and led to my hip dying because of the lack of blood flow (hip necrosis). Due to my petite frame carrying Emmet, a severe diastasis recti (ab splitting) led me to have a hernia. Several surgeries soon followed, including a hip replacement at age 38.

Brenden Brechard once said “Health is luck and self-respect.”

My luck and self-respect led me to search for a creative rehab solution. Yay, I had a fully functioning hip and a repaired stomach…


What about my core muscles and my messed up movement from necrosis of the hip?
What about the aches and pains I felt from having a baby, breastfeeding, being in and out of surgery and recovery for 3 years?
What about the way my anxiety was changing the way I breathed and caused my left rib to stick out abnormally?
What about my day-to-day movements running a business?

The solution was a combination of Physical Therapy and Onyx Elite Performance.

Coach Chris, co-owner of Onyx, trained me as one of his athletes needing to get back on the field. This is definitely a tearful moment. When I was afraid of never being able to move like myself, he helped me gain the confidence to lead The WorX again and be me, again.

I still remember one time I was struggling to do a move that required me to hold my body against the wall while standing on one leg and opening my arms up. He told me to “Let go of it all. Whatever it is you are holding on to… just breathe and let it go.” I let go of my frustrations, fears, and the negative voices in my head, and focused on my breath and my body moved better.

Under his mentorship, I trained my own clients successfully using his methods. It doesn’t matter what your goal is: weight loss, rehab, sports oriented or to become the best version of yourself… it WorX!

Contact us to get an assessment for personal training, semi-private, or, soon to offer, physical therapy!

Meet The Team


As a former high school and collegiate athlete, Chris has always had a passion for fitness. After playing college football at Cornell University, he decided to pursue a career as a personal trainer. He acquired certifications with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and continues to educate himself, making him one of the best and brightest in the field of performance coaching. He has worked with athletes on all different levels and sports, specializing in speed, power, strength, injury prevention, functional training, and rehabilitation.

Some of his notable clients include Lorenzo Alexander (Arizona Cardinals), Ryan Kerrigan (Washington Redskins), Oguchi Onyewu (US Soccer), Ali Krieger (US Soccer), Ashlyn Harris (US Soccer), Bill Hamid (DC United), Brandon Guyer (Tampa Bay Rays), and many more. Chris is committed to demonstrating his expertise and delivering his vast knowledge to his clients to bring out the best in them.

Dr. Zachary Tabrani (CSCS, NSCA)

Zack grew his passion for sports performance and rehabilitation as a former high school and collegiate basketball player. He is dedicated to helping everyone compete at their fullest potential and moreover enjoy what they love to do most. Zack’s knowledge base is truly extensive and is always up to date with the most current research in order to deliver the most effective evidenced based practices.

He has worked with a variety of athletes at the professional level as well as amateur and recreational athletes. Some notable clients include Garrett Wilson (NFL), Matt Waletzko (NFL), Leo Chenal (NFL), Braxton Jones (NFL), Curtis Weaver (NFL), Elijah Moore (NFL), Gerald Henderson (NBA), Adam Jahn (MLS), Brendan Davies (MLB), and many more. Zack specializes in rehabilitation, manual therapy, soft tissue manipulation, cupping, instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation, in speed, power, strength, injury prevention, and functional training. He is dedicated to utilize his expertise and knowledge base to help his clients compete and perform at their fullest potential.

Coaches Code

We are here to serve you!

Your volunteer WorX coaches are committed to supporting the WorX community.

We live by a code — created by the team.

All coaches receive leadership training to better themselves, which in turn will help the Team WorX community prosper.

Coaches are always available and eager to support you by answering questions, teaching/modeling exercises, or recommending steps you can take to improve your fitness and nutrition. We move forward, together!

Interested in joining Team Impact and becoming a WorX coach? Contact Maia at maia@theworXbyMaia.com.

In The Community

Got something you want to raise funds for??

Want Team WorX to help spread the “Let’s Get Healthy and Moving”bug??

Need someone to warm up your 5K and lead the cheers at your event?

Want to use the WorX for a community event?

…Contact Maia. She truly believes that everything that she wants in life will happen, if she helps enough people get what they want.

Sponsors & Thank You

The coolest thing about how TeamWorX expanded is that YOU were a part of the making. Some of Maia’s students shared their skills with the team. That’s what being part of the team is all about. It is the diversity within the team that makes the team strong and powerful. Because of your help, we can continue to help others.

A Genuine Thank You Goes Out To All Of Those Who Took The Time To Help The WorX Grow!

  • Montri and Lillian, Thanks for designing a website beyond our imagination!!!
  • Dr. DAVE, Thanks for making sure I’m in the best shape and helping some other bootcampers live a pain free life!
  • Harjeet, Thanks for for making us look and feel good!
  • Jerry, for designing our logo for our storefront!
  • Adrian Subido, creator of Amboi Apparel, who helped bring style and uniform to our trainer outfits.
  • Chris Batu, my old friend and mentor, if it was not for your belief in me 2 years ago I would not be where I am. Your words and blogs continue to make me a better person.
  • To my family, thanks for always responding with, “Why Not?”  when I asked if I could do it.