“Do YOU. Let’s stay committed. TOGETHER.”

As a P90X Master trainer, Maia pulls from her experience from being a high school and college athlete, a middle school teacher, a 4 time state champion rugby coach, and a graduate of the top home workout programs such as P90X, Insanity and Brazillian Buttlift. Through her classes, Maia works on her mission to add value to others by creating an environment where people do their best and encourage each other to reach their fullest potential.

Maia’s speciality is believing in you and reminding you of your worth. It’s about getting 1% better each time. Lastly, everything she wants in life will happen if she helps enough people get what they want. Hence, her passion for helping YOU get what YOU want and deserve.


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Call it a Boot Camp, an evolution of group exercise, or a synergy of body, mind, and heart. Call it whatever you want, but the bottom line is that it is one of the best things you can do for you to change how you look and feel! If you haven't been successful doing it on your own, try our fun & fat-melting bootcamp!

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Here at the WorX you find yourself with people who believe in you NO MATTER WHAT. Every person is a WorX in Progress. Being a part of the WorX gives you the confidence boost you need, the words you deserve to hear, and the will to make things happen. This kickstart program will jumpstart your metabolism and teach you how to eat right. Get ready for a stronger and fitter YOU for this Summer. Fill out the form below.

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