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Workouts That Are Safe In Pregnancy

There wasn’t ever a question in pioneer days whether a woman would do physical labor when pregnant. Life dictated that she would. Later, in the early 20th century, women in America who could afford it workouts that are safe in pregnancy often took to bed and rested through the pregnancy, while people in other nations, such as China, actually delivered babies in the fields when they worked. Today, we have a completely different mindset and realize that staying active and doing workouts that are safe in pregnancy can help deal with back problems, make delivery easier, increase energy levels and prevent constipation and bloating. It also lowers the risk of gestational diabetes.

If you already workout, during the first trimester, you can continue your workout.

If you don’t workout, adopting a more active lifestyle is still an option in the first trimester. Always consult your primary care professional before you do, especially if you’re at risk for any serious complications. No matter what the workout, don’t do it if you’re exhausted or nauseous. If you’re just starting out, take it slowly by increasing the amount you walk or ride a bike each week. Make the transition slow and gradual, avoiding strenuous moves that put pressure on the back, twist the abdomen or place your feet above your head. Focus on exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor, such as pelvic tilts, which helps make childbirth easier.

Add caution during the second trimester.

That flat tummy you were so proud of has started to disappear and you should avoid some exercises, or modify ones you already do. For instance, switch from uphill running to flat ground running and use a treadmill with a side bar for stability. It may be time to error on the side of caution and switch to a stationary bike, rather than riding on the road where you could face a potential fall. Avoid hot yoga, but other types are okay, just as aquatic aerobics or swimming is safe. Get help from a personal trainer if you’re working out in the gym.

Your center of gravity has changed in the third trimester.

If your doctor just suggested you get exercise, don’t go gung-ho and expect to workout like an Olympian. Stick with things like swimming, prenatal yoga, and some type of calisthenics such as wall push-ups, lunges and similar low impact exercises. If you opt for using weights, use lighter weights. Pelvic floor exercises are also excellent at this time, since they prepare the body for labor, birth and postpartum.

  • Practice kegel exercises during pregnancy. Not only do they help prepare your body for birthing, they can prevent bladder leakage that can occur when pregnant.
  • Increasing your physical exertion for just 20 minutes a day can dramatically reduce the risk of complications during delivery and actually improve the health of the baby.
  • If you find it difficult to get a full half hour straight to exercise, you can break it up to three ten minute sessions. Take the stairs, walk to lunch, park further from the store and walk more are added ways to increase exercise daily.
  • At the TeamWorx Fitness, we can help you with a program designed specifically for your needs that includes both a workout routine and healthy eating. You and your baby will benefit from a program of working out and healthy eating.

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