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What Is Muscle Confusion?

When you hear the term muscle confusion you might envision arms and legs flailing everywhere, but that’s not how it works. Muscle confusion is a way to keep you burning more calories and avoiding a plateau. When you do physical activities, your body is always seeking efficiency and ways of saving calories. It happens when you do a workout for a long time. Not only does that lead to burning fewer calories, it also leads to fewer gains in strength training.

Muscle confusion is a technique where you vary your workout frequently.

Muscle confusion is associated most frequently with the P90X program. The program emphasizes a variety of different demands on the body, forcing the muscles to continuously adapt. The program is varied enough, the body never gets a chance to develop efficiency or accommodate the movements. It uses short circuit training cycles that work muscles with varying intensity and movements, so the body never plateaus. That means you’ll be burning far more calories than you would continuously doing the same exercise.

You’ll maximize fat burning, while providing benefits to your muscles.

There’s no doubt about it, muscle confusion continues to burn more calories than you might if you did the same workout religiously. It also works muscles in a variety of ways, so it maximizes the sculpting effect and ensures the muscles work on all planes to build strength and ensure your muscle keep growing throughout all phases. That strengthens your muscles in all directions and can help prevent injury that can occur with by making an awkward movement.

Try our P90X program and you’ll never be bored.

At one time, you could only get the program by purchasing it and doing it at home. However, now you have an option that is far more enjoyable. We provide group P90X with instructors to help you get through the tough movements and keep you accountable as you do. It’s combined with high intensity interval training to maximize the benefits.

  • Our P90X program is certified, but best of all, it’s a lot more fun than doing it alone. You’ll work with a team and find that the energy of the group boosts your desire to do better.
  • Our WorX team helps you through each movement and keeps you accountable. Accountability is a powerful motivator to stick with the program.
  • At Worx, I’m delighted to let everyone get a feel for what P90X is. That’s why I offer one free week for new students to experience it to help you decide.
  • We have several other programs from which to select. If you want personal training, it’s available. Our Accountability Program#ItWorx, can get you started on a healthier lifestyle and we even have Beachbody Live programs for certification or personal growth.

For more information, contact us today at The Worx by Maia

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