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Want To Be Faster?

be-fasterYou have no limitations when it comes to fitness. You can be faster, stronger and healthier than you’ve ever been, but you have to believe in yourself enough to stick with your goals. Up until 1954, everyone thought that breaking the four minute mile barrier was impossible. That’s until Roger Bannister, an Englishman, ran the mile on the Iffley Road Track at Oxford in four minutes. Only a few months later, both he and John Landy ran the mile in under four minutes in a Vancouver competition. Since then, many athletes have proven it was a not just a possibility, but they could run even faster. That’s because they now believed it possible because of Bannister and learned ways to make it happen.

If you believe you can achieve.

There’s no magic in the power of belief, although it may seem like it. The magic comes when you believe strongly enough you’ll push yourself past limitations and make the right decisions to get you to your goals. Those decisions are more than just how much to train. They’re also about getting the appropriate help to make you reach your goals.

As a personal trainer, I can help you learn the best training techniques.

I also can help you break your goals down into smaller, more easily achievable goals to help boost your confidence and believe in you until you can fully believe in yourself. Every person is capable of greatness, he or she just doesn’t always know it. Awakening to that fact can come with the help of someone who sees the talent you have and also knows how to bring it majestically to the surface.

The power of goal setting, belief, good training and tenacity can help you achieve any goals.

Most people enjoy sports but sometimes fail to see the lessons that can be learned while participating. It’s not all about winning and beating others, although winning is nice, your biggest competitor is yourself. Learning to set goals to improve your performance translates to all walks of life, so what you learned on the race track will someday help you in the boardroom.

While any type of training helps you stay fit and sometimes improve, the right type of training will prepare your muscles and body for excellence.

One of my biggest pleasures as a personal trainer is to see the difference I make in people’s lives. They come in defeated and a few months later, I see a new, more confident person emerge from that shell of defeat.

What you eat is important to your overall health, well being and sports performance. I’ll help you learn how to eat healthier.

I’ll help you learn the most efficient exercise methods that get results fastest to shorten the time to your goal, but you have to do the work and believe the results will come. That’s what makes an excellent athlete.

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