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Staying Healthy This Summer

Summer is the time for family fun in the sun. But with that fun comes a few extra steps for staying healthy in the summer. Some ways to stay healthy, like exercising, should be done throughout the year. Others, such as hydrating, are more important in the summer. Your body is mostly water. It protects organs, keeps your body functioning properly by regulating temperature, helps eliminate waste, lubricates joints, and performs many other vital functions.

Protect your skin with sunscreen.

Sunscreen is important all year, but especially in the summer. Most women have it in their make-up, which is exposed the most in the winter. In the summer, clothing is cooler and there’s less of it so more of the body is exposed. If you go to the beach, apply sunscreen liberally and follow the manufacturer’s directions. We get vitamin D from the sun, so if you want to boost vitamin D intake, follow safe sunning practices. Expose your skin to the sun without sunblock three times a week for a few minutes midday, then put on sunscreen. Increase that time as your skin tans to up to 15 minutes a day. The fairer your skin, the less time you should spend.

Stick with your sleep schedule.

In the summer, the days are longer. It’s easy to stay up later and get up earlier. That can cause a problem with your sleep schedule and circadian rhythm. Lack of sleep can cause heart issues. It causes your body to create more hunger hormones and less satiety hormones. You’ll be hungrier and more likely to gain weight. If the light interferes with your sleep schedule, buy blackout shades to darken the room.

Don’t be a weekend exercise warrior.

Summer seems to be the time for sprains and strains. Some people are sedentary all week and get active on the weekend. They don’t prepare their body for the punishment the sudden activity brings. Get in shape and exercise regularly. Spend at least a half hour to 45 minutes five times a week to prepare your body for summer fun. You’ll have a lot more fun and have fewer accidents when you do. If you exercise outside, carry water with you and stay hydrated. Take breaks and get out of the sun if you feel too hot. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

  • If you’re venturing into nature beyond the beaten path or driving in an area without cell phone access, have a two-way satellite communicator. Always have your cell phone and let someone track it.
  • When your fun in the sun is near water, even if it’s a pool, assign swimming partners and closely supervise children. When you’re boating, also make sure there are adequate life vests.
  • Keep your beverages non-alcoholic if you’re in the sun or driving any vehicle, including a boat. Alcohol dehydrates you and when combined with heat, it can occur pretty fast. If you decide to imbibe anyway, alternate between water and alcohol.
  • Add healthier options to your menu for summer cookouts. Grill veggies for side dishes and chicken and portabellas instead of hot dogs. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid food that spoils if not refrigerated.

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