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Stay Committed

%image_alt%You can accomplish anything in life, including weight loss and fitness, but you have to stay committed. That’s not always easy to do. There’s so much to tug you away from the gym and take your time, it’s no wonder people often start a weight loss or exercise program but fail to see it through to success. If you’ve found that was a problem of yours in your past, I want to help you. I want to help get you see results fast to help motivate you to stay on track. I’ll support you on your journey to good health and a fabulous looking body.

You’ll never have to worry about your weight when you eat a healthy diet.

I never recommend dieting. Diets simply don’t work. They make you feel discouraged, deprived and always end–sometimes in success and sometimes in failure. Then you go back to old eating habits that put the weight on in the first place and the pounds start adding up again. When you’re on a diet, you often have to have special foods, so eating at a friend’s home, a restaurant or any special occasion is almost impossible. Rather than dieting, learning how to make smarter decisions about food is a better choice. It may involve simple substitutions such as brown rice instead of white rice or adding a healthy snack in the mid morning and afternoon so you aren’t ravenous at supper. All the minor changes add up to huge calorie savings and you can eat anything you want—just limit the frequency and amount of high calorie foods.

Don’t let the exhaustion or achy muscles stop you.

The first few days or weeks of exercise leave you exhausted and full of aches and pains. That won’t last long. I’ll help you get through those times and make sure that those aches and pains aren’t injuries, but just your muscles getting used to being worked harder. I’ll show you how to do each exercise correctly to help you avoid injury and maximize the results.

You won’t see the changes immediately, but you will feel them.

Your pants won’t immediately become too big, but you will feel energized rather quickly. I’ll help you through the toughest part, when you’re working hard and still not shedding pounds or inches. I may adjust your workout, help you with dietary needs or just supply loads of motivation to get you through the rough part.

Having a personal trainer is a huge benefit that might be just what you need. People who know they’re meeting with a trainer tend to show up at the gym even when they feel like skipping it, primarily because of the “appointment” with the trainer.

You’ll learn mental toughness and adapt it to other areas of your life. Mental toughness is the ability to continue long after others have given up. It’s a great attitude for all areas of your life.

Remember, even if you only accomplish part of a goal in the amount of time you allotted, you’re still further along than if you didn’t workout at all.

You’ll walk taller, have improved energy, better posture and a whole new attitude. Your outlook on life will improve as you workout each week, shedding pounds, stress hormones and sweating out the toxins in your body.

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