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Real moms in Alexandria, VA, aren’t always appreciated. Being a real mom isn’t easy sometimes. They don’t have perfect children who love every nutrient-dense meal they create. Getting kids to eat food that boosts nutrition isn’t always easy, but that’s when real moms are at their best. They sneak healthy food into their child’s diet and avoid having junk food on hand. Nobody knows how to trick their kids into eating healthier than moms.

Don’t let the kids know the food is healthy.

A friend has a scale when they try new healthy food. The best rating is “Yummy. I’ll make it again.” Then comes the rating, “Okay,” followed by the lower rating, “Edible.” The lowest possible score is, “Ewww, this tastes healthy..” Too often food that doesn’t taste good is pushed on kids with the accompanying phrase, “It’s healthy” or “It’s good for you.” Instead, serve the food to adults at the table and give the kids something different. Tell them the food is for adults. That makes the food more attractive, and most want to try it. Let them if they ask. Adult food is far more appealing than “healthy” food.

Make food fun.

Create vegetable animal displays. Add to the fun by announcing you’re eating the nose or the ears. Create fun dishes like ants on a log. It’s celery filled with peanut butter and topped with raisins in a row. A dinner where you make your own taco or burrito night is always fun. Include healthy options like both traditional, like tomatoes and lettuce, and less traditional options, like avocado chunks instead of guacamole or sweet potato hash instead of refried beans. Use Greek yogurt as a topping instead of sour cream.

Create yummy recipes with added vegetables.

Add extra vegetables to scrambled eggs or make muffins stuffed with vegetables and cheese. Make sure what the children drink is also healthy. Bann sugary drinks from your home. There’s no reason to have soft drinks in the house. Skip the Kool-Aid and fruit juice, too. They’re all loaded with sugar. Instead, have bottled water available. You can make infused water, too. Let the kids pick the infused water flavor. Switch out commercial Popsicles for homemade ones made with fruit and coconut water. If you want a creamy variety, add yogurt.

  • Let the kids help make the food. Food always tastes better when you make it yourself, especially when you’re young. Give them age-appropriate jobs.
  • Cook food differently. Instead of frying food, air fry it, boil it, broil it, or bake it. Improve the nutritional profile of favorite foods by making substitutions. Instead of regular fries, opt for sweet potato fries.
  • Control the ingredients in your snacks. Make your trail mix instead of buying it. Add nuts, dried fruit, popcorn, and maybe dark chocolate chips. Divide it into individual servings and put it in plastic bags.
  • Show children how to eat healthy by teaching them to make their plate a rainbow of color when choosing vegetables. Each color provides different benefits for the body.

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