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Personal Development: The Moment You Get It

Personal Development: The Moment You Get It

Hey, hey! Coach Maia here….

This morning I woke up alive. I have been to a lot of personal development all around the world. The difference in this one is that my forum leader started out saying this…

“You are perfect as you are.”

Can you imagine the skepticism I felt???! Even though this is my go-to motivation for you!! “You are strong. That strength is inside of you.” That’s what I say.
I also say, “DO YOU and that’s enough.” I have literally built the WorX on this statement.

Yes, I believe it when I say it to YOU. But now I REALLY BELIEVE it! You and me. WE have everything we need inside of us to achieve greatness.

Usually, I leave a event with a MILE to do list, pages and pages of notes, and I get to work the next few days…

only to lose the fire… and not accomplish what I was meant to do.

Because the BS in my life was still there.

But not today.

Here’s the difference and the answer I was searching for conference after conference to the questions…. HOW do I become a better mom, business owner, leader, and friend?

Drum roll please…. the simple answer. I don’t need to change. I just need to be more of ME!

WHAT!!!! Hold the phone. I spent 3 days away from my family (so worth it by the way) … only to learn to DO YOU! (ps. That’s the number one rule at the WorX!!) Tears are literally running down my face right now because this was the epiphany and the action I took to FREE myself to be me!

One, I needed to free myself of all the baggage that was dragging me down.

  • My father lived in the Philippines and TO ME he wasn’t available.
  • My parents sent me away to the Philippines for a year and TO ME I was alone.
  • My mom was a loyal wife and TO ME I felt disempowered.
  • I was mentally and physically abused growing up and TO ME that left me broken.
  • I had a stupid short boy hair cut in 5th grade and TO ME that was just wrong to do to young adult going to a new school and built up resentment, and more and more.

This was the noise I heard all the time. A broken record screeching in my head…. telling me I’m not good enough… I wasn’t meant to be loved… or a powerful leader! Hopefully, you can see the pattern where I went wrong.

ERRRRR…. (sound of brakes hitting the floor)!

Stuff happened. That’s it and TO ME… I let all that keep me from being who I am.

This is where you come in! The irony of all is I created the WorX to help reduce this noise for YOU! Sure…. we do fitness! Workout classes, right?!!!

At the end of the day…. I want YOU to know YOU matter and you the POWER to change your life is in you.

As your leader, I called my parents and owned up to my stuff and I let them know of a new possibility to create a real family NOW. I called my husband, my sister… I am WorXing on the rest of my family. I called my most of my staff so far and friends closest to me and got real with them!

I am still making phone calls. LOL!

and don’t think I’m not thinking of YOU! That’s why I wrote this. In the past, I always WANT to write you and share with you ME…

I hope you can understand why I struggled to do it. I am my word so you will hear from me again.

Take action in your life. Do you! And let’s get to WorX!

Hugs and high Fives,
“Coach Maia”

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