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Most Effective Resistance Band Workouts For Strength And Tone

You’ll have all the equipment you need when you go to the gym, but what about those times you can’t make it? It happens. You can do a variety of bodyweight exercises to build strength and tone your muscles. You can also use resistance bands to add variety to your workouts. Resistance bands are excellent at-home equipment. They’re inexpensive and small enough to store easily. You can add them to traditional exercises, making it easier to incorporate them into your workout.

Use resistance bands to build upper body strength.

Toning your upper body with resistance bands is easier than you think. Start by holding an end in each hand at shoulder-width. Gather the band so there’s no slack between your arms. Raise your hands above your head to do an overhead pull with your palms facing out. Pull outward, attempting to create a T with your arms until you can’t pull any further because the tension is too demanding. Try the same exercise, but instead, hold your palms facing inward. You can also start the pull with your arms outstretched in front, or the resistance band behind your back.

Adding resistance bands to a squat makes it even more challenging.

People who add hold weights when they do squats do so to make it more challenging. You can use resistance bands in the same manner. Choose the appropriate color for your fitness level. Hold one end of the band in each hand with the middle on the floor. and in the middle of the band is on the floor. It should have no slack when your forearms are at waist level. Now bend your elbow and lift your forearm to your ears. You’ll feel the tension. Start your squat in this position. The bands make all the muscles work harder.

Modify the clamshell exercise with resistance bands.

Some resistance bands are like long strips of flat or ropelike rubber. Others resemble large rubber bands that form a complete circle. Place the rubber band-style resistance band around your thighs just above your knees. Lay on one side with your knees bent and head resting on that side’s forearm and hand. Place the opposite hand on the hip that’s in the air. Press the upper thigh outward by squeezing our thigh and glute muscles. Hold the clamshell open, then slowly close it back to the starting position. Do several reps and repeat on the opposite side.

  • Use a longer resistance band and do curls. In a seated position, hold both ends in one hand and loop the band under the foot on the same side. There should be no slack. Do a curl.
  • Use a rubber band style band. Put it around your ankles. Then raise your leg to one side, hold it, and lower it back to the starting position. Do a set and do the other leg. You can also lift one leg forward or backward.
  • Do a high plank with resistance bands around your wrist. Raise one hand until the resistance stops you, then slowly lower it back to the ground and raise the other hand.
  • Glute bridges are even more difficult if you have a resistance band around your thighs. Bring your body up to a bridge by tightening your glutes and pushing your thighs outward. Hold the position then lower your body.

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