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It Will Be Worth It Tomorrow

No matter how tired I get during a workout, I keep one thought in mind, “It will be worth it tomorrow!” In today’s world where everyone wants instant results, it’s hard to keep going when something takes more perseverance and dedication. Getting fit isn’t a one time shot or even an easy goal to accomplish. It takes dedication and continual striving to reach a goal. That isn’t to say you won’t see results within a few weeks, because you will. Just not the final goal or results you want…but it will be good indication of what is coming.

When you’re ready to quit before you’ve finished a workout or skip the workout entirely, keep tomorrow in mind.

You’re never going to have this day again, so make it count. Push yourself to accomplish what you wanted from this day, whether it’s working out in the gym or cleaning out a closet, and tomorrow you’ll be happy you did. Goals are accomplished one day at a time and unfortunately if you skip one day, it often becomes too easy to skip another and then another. Before you know it, that beautiful goal you created is no longer.

Do something toward your goals each day.

Each goal deserves some attention every day. If you want to lose weight, exercise, shop for healthy foods, remove unhealthy foods from your home and get moving. Even if it isn’t a day for the gym, turn on some music and dance through the house to burn a few extra calories. This is true for all goals, not just fitness. If a clean closet is the goal and you don’t have a lot of time, find one or two outfits that you no longer want or do one other small job that takes only a few minutes and before you know it, that huge job will be a lot easier.

Learn to appreciate everything you do to reach the goals.

Sometimes our goals are huge and it seems like we’ll never hit them. When I run up against that, I create smaller mini-goals that stair-step me to larger ones. I’ve learned to appreciate both the larger and smaller steps that take me where I ultimately want to be. While you need to remember how much you’ll appreciate your actions tomorrow, sometimes, you also need to appreciate what you did today.

When you need a little motivation, reach deeply for more resolve. If that doesn’t work, we’re always here for you to believe in you until you can believe in yourself.

Before you order that burger and fries, think about all the hard work you’ve already done. Wait and get a healthier meal or better yet, have healthy snacks and meals ready so you won’t be tempted.

You won’t fall off the wagon forever. One indiscretion does not negate all the hard work you’ve put into getting fit. If you’ve missed a workout or ate far more junk food than you should, it shouldn’t end everything. Get right back to work on your road to fitness the next day.

Have fun with your workout and support those around you. That comradery adds to your resolve to succeed. Getting fit may be hard, but it still can be fun.

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