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Incorporate Fitness Into Your Kids’ Life

The people that come to The Worx in Alexandria, VA, are the best. They’re varied by age, sex and marital status, but are always giving and sharing. Some have worked hard to instill a love of fitness into their kids’ lives, and they often share with each other what worked and what didn’t. As a mother, I know that it’s important for me to know my child is raised in a home where staying fit is part of daily life. Healthy habits developed early can last a lifetime.

You can leave the legacy of good health to your children.

Have fun with your family doing activities that keep them off the couch and away from technology. Whether you ride bikes together, all have hula hoops and do hula hoop contests or fast dance together in the living room, it makes memories and teaches children being active if fun. Go for walks together or visit parks with nature trails to follow.

Plan healthy meals and cook them together.

So many of my clients find it hard to lose weight because long work hours that entice them to stop at a drive through on the way home. It’s one reason I suggest meal planning and meal prep schedules. Our personalized nutrition planning can help, you just need to pick up the groceries and cook. Most people cook everything for the next week on the weekend or on their days off. You can get your kids involved in this and in the process teach them about the rainbow plate (eating vegetables of all colors) and have fun creating healthy meals and healthy snacks together.

A healthy lifestyle involves more than just healthy eating and exercise.

While staying active and eating healthy are important, so are other healthy activities. Having a consistent bedtime with adequate sleep is also important. Set a regular bedtime and stick with it, even on the weekends. It will be harder with older children who often have activities that end later on weekends. Be a little flexible, but stress the importance of sleep.

  • Children learn by example. Do workouts with your children on your days away from the gym. They’ll enjoy it and you can get in a few extra exercises every week. Kids learn what they live.
  • Teach your kids to love the taste of water, rather than offer them sugary drinks like soft drinks, fruit punch and even fruit juice. If they hate the taste, make infused water together. It’s fun, has minimal calories and is flavorful.
  • If you have pets, exercise them, too. Everyone should take turns playing with Rover or Kitty and the whole family could take puppy for a walk. Obesity plagues American’s pets, too.
  • Being fit means more than being physically fit. Studies show that your mental attitude is also important. Teach your kids to be thankful for all they have and identify one thing they’re thankful for every day. Set a goal for each person to say something nice to someone every day.

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