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How Yoga Can Be Good For You

We use a wide variety of workouts at The Worx in Alexandria, VA. We incorporate many of the yoga moves, particularly for flexibility training. Like strength training with weights, or running for endurance, yoga is great to help you improve your flexibility and protect you from injury. It improves your range of motion and is good for you. Many of the yoga moves and positions are used in traditional exercise programs, since they work. My goal is to always use the best exercises possible to get the fastest progress.

Exercise helps reduce chronic pain and yoga can be a start.

Whether you want to increase flexibility, which can reduce pain or improve your muscle strength and tone, which helps reduce pressure on joints and lower pain, yoga positions can help. Even though these movements may look easy, they still burn calories, which can help with weight control. Like any type of exercise, it improves respiration and boosts your energy level, lowering blood pressure in the process, too.

Many of the yoga poses are quite similar to western bodyweight exercises.

No matter what continent you’re from, everyone’s body gets the same benefits from doing certain types of exercise. If you do lunges, you’re making moves that are similar to the warrior position in yoga. Like all exercise, yoga can help with lower back pain, arthritis, headaches and improved cardio and circulatory health. Like other exercises that build strength and flexibility, it can protect your body from injury.

You’ll build strength with yoga workouts, too.

You might wonder why I promote yoga. It’s because I promote all types of exercise and am constantly working to help you reach your goals and get your healthiest. When you come to The Worx or become an online client, you’ll get the best of all types of exercise. For instance, the phalakasana forearm movement is called the forearm plank at the gym, but it’s the same move that works the whole body.

  • To get the most out of your exercise program, combine it with a program of healthy eating. Your body needs the nutrients from healthy food to be its strongest and to lose weight. No matter how hard you workout, if you eat junk, you’ll delay your weight loss or compromise it.
  • Is stress a problem in your life? Just like any type of exercise, yoga helps.
  • If you want to sleep better at night, you can turn to traditional exercise programs or turn to yoga. Both help you sleep sounder, with a higher quality of sleep.
  • When you learn exercises at The Worx, we also focus on when to inhale or exhale. Breathing techniques are important in both traditional Western exercise programs and yoga. The correct breathing techniques can help relax you and improve your workout.

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