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How To Stay Motivated As A Beginner

We have a lot of variety at The Worx in Alexandria, VA, that should help keep your interest and we take a great deal of pride in the motivation we provide. If you’re just starting a workout and healthy eating program, it can be overwhelming and you may need more to stay motivated as a beginner. Don’t worry, there are a number of things you can do until fitness and healthy eating become a habit and something you’ll look forward to doing.

It’s all about mindset.

How you think of working out makes a difference. If you consider it with dread, you’ll find it’s harder to get yourself to go to the workout. Focus on the positive and identify the things you look forward to when you workout at the gym. Maybe that is the great feeling you get when you’re finishing up or how good you feel knowing you conquered another workout. Start looking forward to it and you’ll be more motivated.

Make sure you have goals you can measure that are short term.

If you want to feel more energized and motivated, you’ll do better if you have goals to accomplish and can accomplish them. Even if your overall goal was to lose 50 pounds and fit into a much smaller clothing size, that won’t help you stay motivated the first few weeks or months, since it’s a long term goal. Break your goal down to smaller goals and have a few that have nothing to do with results, such as weight or inch loss. Track your healthy eating and workout schedule, making it a goal to stick with it for a week without vary. You can measure that and celebrate in just one week when you’ve accomplished that goal.

Workout with a friend.

If you have a workout buddy, that’s even better. You can keep each other motivated. Not only does a workout buddy make you accountable for working out that day by meeting you at the gym, they actually make it a lot more fun. You have someone to share your successes with and someone to complain to when the going gets rough. A buddy reinforces the accountability that a trainer provides.

  • Make your workout part of your schedule. If you don’t put your workout into your schedule, chances are, you’ll start skipping it and end up quitting. If it’s in your schedule you make it as important as any other appointment.
  • Create a routine and stick with it. No matter when you choose to workout, create a routine to help you stick with the program. Get your clothes out, fill your water bottle and get dressed for starters. If you follow the same procedure each day, it all becomes automatic.
  • Post messages to yourself that remind you why you started the program in the first place. Maybe you started so you could lose weight and look better or maybe it was for health. Put it on a post-it or put a picture or phrase that represents the goal you hope to attain.
  • Come into The Worx if you want motivation. We’ll help you stay rev’d up and provide a program that gets fast results. If you want the biggest potential motivation, it’s getting results.

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