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Get Rid Of Cellulite Fast

Cellulite is that lumpy look under the skin that makes the area look like an orange peel. The dimpling comes from fat pushing through the connective tissue. While diet is one cause, it doesn’t always happen to overweight individuals. Diet, hormonal influences, thinner outer layers of skin, genetics, and muscle tone can cause it. Even skinny people can have cellulite. That puckery appearance is harmless but not desirable. It’s why so many people look for ways to eliminate it. Some cellulite treatments require a doctor’s care, but others can be done without it.

Start by changing your diet.

A poor diet can cause cellulite. One offender is sugar. Cutting out food with added sugar creates insulin spikes. Insulin spikes increase inflammation, which is one cause of cellulite. Switching your diet to whole foods, and cutting out refined, high-sugar foods can help increase collagen production. The stronger your collagen, the less chance that fat pokes through to create cellulite. The less collagen and the weaker it is, the more prone you are to it. Cutting out caffeine and soft drinks and increasing water intake also helps.

Losing weight isn’t enough.

You might think that changing your diet and losing fat is all you need to do, but that’s not true. You also need to exercise. If you lose weight too fast, it can leave your skin baggy. That makes any cellulite you have more noticeable. If you exercise while changing your diet, you benefit from increased circulation. It helps remove excess fluid that builds in the area that causes the uneven surface, so it’s less noticeable. The muscles strengthen and cause cellulite to be less noticeable.

There are other treatments for cellulite besides diet and exercise.

While these types of treatments may be quicker, they can often be costly and don’t last as long. Cryolipolysis is one of those. It freezes the fat cells and kills them. Eventually, the body removes them. It takes four months to see results. Laser therapy liquifies fat cells and increases collagen production. After six months you’ll see results that can last up to a year. Shockwave therapy can take up to six weeks and involve twelve treatments but the results may only last two to six months. Lipomassage is a massage therapy that works on the same premise as exercise. It increases circulation. It may cause the skin to lose elasticity.

  • Women tend to have more cellulite problems than men do. That’s because hormones play a role. Women also have more body fat and a thinner outer layer of skin.
  • Self-massage creams may help. Like lipomassage, self-massage increases circulation. It also contains ingredients that can break down fat or build the skin so the cellulite doesn’t show, like caffeine and retinol.
  • Smoking contributes to the formation of cellulite. It interferes with collagen production. That inhibits the creation of collagen and leaves the body more prone to cellulite. It narrows the blood vessels and affects circulation.
  • Even if you choose medical treatments for cellulite, you still should make lifestyle changes. Making those changes can improve the results and increase how long they last.

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