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Fall Into Fitness


As the seasons change and fall comes upon us, it’s time to make this new season one devoted to fitness. Everything changes and you can too. No matter how out of shape you are, you can turn it around and the time to start is now. If you’re not already working out, start by using one of our specials or a boot camp to kick off your new healthier season. By the time it’s New Year’s eve, you’ll be a whole new person, healthier and with lots more energy.

Don’t put off the change until the New Year.

Too many people wait to make a New Year’s resolution of fitness. I say there’s no better time than today to “fall into fitness.” In fact, by starting now you’ll not only be looking great for the holidays and have a wealth of nutritional knowledge to know exactly what foods to choose for a yummy, yet healthy Thanksgiving meal, you’ll also have all the energy you need for the preparation for those wonderful family get-togethers.

Stay healthier as winter approaches.

The winter season is the cold and flu season, but you can help protect yourself from serious illness by starting a program of healthy eating and exercise today. Both healthy eating and exercise help boost your immune system. Healthy eating provides many nutrients and phytonutrients that add protection right down to the cellular level. Exercise also stimulates the brain to create antioxidants and the body doesn’t stop manufacturing them when you end your exercise session but keeps on producing these cell saving protectors.

You’ll be burning off the hormones of stress.

Nobody can stop stress in their life, no matter how hard they try. It’s just part of living. A traffic jam, crying baby or angry boss can trigger it. It’s beneficial if you’re running from real danger, but in normal situations it makes changes to your body that can create health problems and even cause abdominal fat. Exercise burns off those hormones and gets you back to normal.

Exercise not only burns off hormones created by stress, it also stimulates the brain to create ones that make you feel fantastic. You’ll be getting a double dose of happy when you workout regularly.

You’ll look and feel years younger when you exercise on a regular basis. Exercise improves circulation and sends nutrient and oxygen laden blood to all parts of your body.

Fitness includes both healthy eating and regular exercise. Healthy eating isn’t dieting, but instead making smarter choices when it comes to food. You’ll never feel deprived.

Every minute you exercise adds seven healthy active minutes to your life. You’ll not only add more years to your life, you’ll add more life to those years.

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