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Emphasize “Happy” Not “Perfect”

%image_alt%Your workout program should emphasize “happy” not “perfect.” Perfect simply doesn’t exist. It’s a matter of perspective exactly what perfect means. You see the obsession every day. Jocelyn Wildenstein, also know as “Cat Woman,” spent over $4 million having plastic surgery to make her look more like wild cats. To her, it’s a perfect look. Others strive for the Barbie doll look that’s both unrealistic and not attractive in real life. Being happy with your appearance doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fitness goals or strive to shed a few extra pounds, but to accept where you are and be happy regardless of how you look.

Self-loathing slows progress.

Happiness actually boosts your progress. You look forward to doing something nice for yourself because you like yourself. You don’t torture yourself with starvation diets that can be counterproductive by putting your body in starvation mode and slowing your metabolism. You’ll learn to eat healthier and the joy that treating yourself to healthy meals can bring. Actually, most people find that once they learn how to eat healthier, it’s far more enjoyable than stuffing themselves with junk food.

Exercise can burn of the hormones of stress.

No matter how hard you try, life has stresses. They’re not the same stresses that were faced by early man, such as wild animals or predators, which required fighting or flight. They’re traffic jams and angry bosses, where those actions are inappropriate. The hormones created by stress make changes in your body, that if not changed, cause damage and illness. Exercise impersonates the action of running or fighting, so you’ll burn them off and feel fantastic again. Best of all, you’ll also stimulate the brain to create hormones that make you feel fantastic.

Learn to workout the right way.

Be kind to yourself and work your body as hard as you can—safely. When you workout with a trainer, he or she knows how much to push you and shows you the right way to do each exercise to avoid injury and maximize results. You’ll work hard, but not beyond your capabilities. You’ll also see faster results. You’ll be amazed at how much fun working out can be and how rewarding it can be to give yourself the gift of a healthy body.

Regular exercise can help you enjoy life more. Not only does it help you sleep better at night, it also helps improve your digestion and elimination. If you suffer from menstrual cramps, it relieves those too.

Happiness comes from more than just a “perfect’ body. It comes from enjoying every moment in life. When you have extra energy and feel fantastic, you’ll be able to experience more.

No matter what your passion, perfection is illusive. Always be happy and enjoy the road to fitness, savoring every improvement.

Take time to use your extra energy to appreciate life. Walk in the park and admire Mother Nature or spend time walking through an art gallery, zoo or museum. You’ll be building more energy, while enjoying life at the same time.

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