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Define Yourself

If someone asks you to define yourself, they might want a more explicit definition of what you’re saying or are asking you to tell them more about who you really are inside and what you think is important. In the gym, when we say “define yourself,” it can mean workout to add definition to your muscles and give them that rippled six pack look. It also means identify the type of person you are and prove your dedication to making your life better by accomplishing your fitness goals and encouraging others to do the same.

Actions speak louder than words.

If you really want to get fitter, taking action is the most important step. No matter how much you talk about getting fit and how many videos or books you read on the subject, nothing happens until you start working out and eating healthier. What you do to accomplish goals also affects all areas of your life. I like to think that the work we do at the Worx helps keep people motivated to do their best and accomplish those goals. Not only does the staff help encourage others, encouragement comes from other members of the team working toward their goals. Starting is the most important action you can take.

You’ll define yourself and become the person you want to be when you stick to your dream with persistence.

I don’t take a commitment lightly. When I make one, whether to another person or to myself. I do everything possible to stick to it. I believe that it’s what defines me as a person. While keeping a commitment to another is important, keeping a commitment to yourself is just as important. If you’ve made a commitment to fitness, I’ll back you a 100% to ensure that you can succeed. That’s my commitment to you. As you persevere each day, it builds the mental toughness to insure not only this goal and promise to yourself is accomplished, but also new goals down the road are reached.

You’ll define every muscle in your body on your path to reach your ultimate fitness goal.

There’s nothing more attractive than the sculptured lines of a healthy body, whether it’s on a man or woman. While women don’t bulk up like men do, they still build the sinewy muscles that toned and strong, while shedding extra pounds that hide that progress. When you define yourself mentally and take on the challenge of getting into shape, you’ll develop definition and strength in your muscles.

Take care of yourself. You define who you are by the way you care for yourself. Self neglect isn’t noble. In fact, it’s far from it. When you’re healthy and in good shape you have the strength to take care of others. When you’re not healthy, they have to take care of you.

You are what you eat. Of course, that’s figuratively said, but true. When you eat healthy, you are healthy. Choosing to say “no” to unhealthy food, defines you.

The body is about 50 to 75% water. When you workout, don’t forget to replenish your supply.

We believe in you and your ability to achieve anything. Let us help you make your dream come true.

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