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Great Apps To Help You Stay Fit

Great Apps To Help You Stay Fit

You don’t spend yur entire day in the gym or with your personal trainer, so for the times you’re on your own, consider using technology as an aid. There are great apps to help you stay fit that can track your food intake or steps, help you make smarter choices in food and provide a host of other help. One of my favorites is RunKeeper. This app tracks you as you run and gives you information about things like distance, pace, number of calories burned and time. It offers audio coaching with a tool to share socially.

Fuducate helps you make smarter decisions when it comes to food.

Just like a personal trainer, this app doesn’t provide a diet, but teaches you how to make smarter decisions when it comes to buying food. What’s even better is that it makes label reading easier by providing a tool that scans the bar code and instantly provides all the ingredients, healthy alternatives and nutritional facts about each product on the shelf. There’s a database of 200,000 products, so it spans most of the choices available. It also has food tracking tools as well as a grocery list.

Get the beat to keep you moving.

Some of my clients love to exercise “freeform” on the days they’re not at the gym. Some do simple calisthenics at home, others run, while many often dance to fast music putting their heart and soul in each movement. There’s nothing wrong with those options. Just walking is good for the heart, so you can imagine how great boogying down can be for cardio. Fit Radio provides non-stop streaming high-energy music that will make your workout easier and fun.

Paprika helps you eat healthy and is good for your budget.

Do you find yourself stumped when it comes to grocery shopping and even more confused when you’re trying to decide what to eat. This app helps you plan meals and even helps you shop. You can save recipes on it and make a record of the food you have already. That way when you choose the recipes you want to make, it can tell you the ingredients you need. You can plan meals for a week or for as much as a month, so there’s no last minute quest to figure what’s for supper, which might otherwise end up as less than healthy.

IEatWell is an app that focuses on how well you eat providing rewards for eating healthy judged by what you tell it you’re eating or the photo you provide.

Fooducate helps educate you on how healthy food is, grading it on its nutritious value. It also helps you find the healthiest foods.

Eat This Much first learns your eating goals and food preferences, then makes suggestions with recipes also based on the number of meals you eat daily and the amount of calories you want to consume.

If you want help creating workouts at home, the Johnson & Johnson Official 7 minute workout app will provide them. It not only has the original 7-minute workout, it also has many others that vary in length and intensity.

See What Happens If You Don't Give Up

See What Happens If You Don’t Give Up

Too many people get discouraged when it comes to achieving their fitness goal. They don’t see the results in the first few days, so they give up. If you keep the prize in mind, your goal, and persevere, you’ll be amazed to see what happens if you don’t give up. You’ll achieve far more than you ever expected possible, while looking and feeling fitter than ever.

Becoming overweight and out of shape didn’t occur overnight.

You didn’t go to bed one night and wake up the next morning 20, 30 or 40 pounds heavier. It happened over time. Don’t expect the change to be sudden. However, it can be quicker than you think to see some results from your efforts, especially if you follow the plan we created together to a T. The amount of rewards you get back are directly proportional to the amount of effort you put into anything. Keep at it and you’ll achieve any goal you really want.

Never quit believing.

The power of belief can take you a long way toward success. When you first start working out and eating healthier, you may so no improvement for a few days. Suddenly, as if by magic, you’ll shed a pound or two. The belief in a program of healthy eating and regular exercise, plus the belief in your own abilities to change your future kept you going until you saw the results you hoped to achieve. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!

If you doubt anything can help, use that to your advantage.

Sometimes, everyone gets discouraged. I see it all the time with people who come to me for help. They’ve tried to lose weight before and either didn’t succeed, quit after a few pounds or lost the weight they wanted, then regained it again. They never made the changes in their daily habits that are necessary for permanent success. I tell those doubting people they have to follow my instructions to the letter in order to prove me wrong. If it doesn’t work when you do that, you can say, “I told you so.” In fact, I even recommend they take the special 21-day training, follow everything and see what happens. I know they can succeed, just like you can, because I believe that everyone has the ability to get back into shape.

Drink plenty of water on your way to fitness. That may sound odd, but water not only helps you lose weight, with your new workout plan, you’ll need to replenish and rehydrate.

Make smarter choices when it comes to food. I won’t give you a diet, but help you learn how to eat healthier. The combination of healthy eating and regular exercise takes weight off faster.

Always believe you can achieve. Don’t weigh yourself every two hours to see if you weigh less. Weigh yourself once a week at the same time. Even if you don’t shed a pound, you’ll probably lose inches.

Take note of other signs of improved fitness, such as more endurance, strength and flexibility. Appreciate every gain you’ve made on your road to getting fitter.

Undo the Weekend (48 hour recovery)

Undo the Weekend (48 hour recovery)

What a weekend that was! You went out, you ate and drank and had a blast! And now the fun is over and the consequences are setting in…you feel terrible. You woke up with a headache, an overall feeling of bloating and a sluggishness that you can’t shake.

It’s time to undo the damage brought on from that epic weekend. Here’s how…

  1. No More Junk! It may sound obvious, but the first step to recovering from all that fun you had is to stop the damage. No more naughty foods. No more alcohol.

When you are vacationing or partying it’s easy to remove your mindful eating and drinking mechanism, and to replace it with the anything-goes mindset. This makes sense for party-mode, but once you come back home and get back to real life it’s important to firmly put an end to the junk food and calorie-laden beverages. If you don’t then your weekend diet may continue into your week, resulting in tons of extra calories that quickly add up in unwanted pounds.

  1. Flush Your System. For the next 48 hours your main mission is to drink as much water as possible.

All of those poor food and drink choices result in dehydration, which manifests in a pounding headache and a feeling of sluggishness. Plan to sip on water throughout the next two days, adding in fresh sliced fruit, cucumbers, mint or basil to add a refreshing and rewarding flavor.

  1. Get Some Rest. End the party or vaycay Sunday afternoon so that you can get into bed early in preparation for the week ahead.

It may not sound super exciting to plan an early-to-bed night at the end of your weekend but, come Monday morning, you will be functioning much better with a little rest under your belt. Plan to get to bed early the next couple of days as well, and fit in a nap if possible.

  1. Eat Cleansing Foods. You’ve stopped eating junk, now fill your diet with small light meals consisting of fiber and a serving of protein. Stick with only whole foods for the next 48 hours.

Fruits and fresh veggies should make up the bulk of your calories as you recover. Asparagus, leafy greens, citrus fruits, and raw veggies are all wonderful items to enjoy in addition to high quality, low fat protein.

  1. Avoid Going Extreme. Yes, you ate and drank a LOT this weekend, but swinging the pendulum too far in the other direction isn’t actually going to help. Overcompensation is rarely a winning idea.

Fight the urge to skip meals or to over-exercise in response to your indulgences. Going from one extreme to the other creates a bad cycle that leaves you feeling even more tired. In addition, taking your body from feast to famine will actually make you more prone for fat storage.

Getting and staying in great shape will not only help you bounce back from the weekend faster, it will also help you achieve healthy habits that will stick with you even as you party and vacation.

My programs are designed with your overall lifestyle in mind and I’m here to get you (and keep you) in your best shape ever!

Call or email me now to get started on a fitness program that’s specially designed for you. Let’s do this!

Reasons To Workout In The Morning

Reasons To Workout In The Morning

There are good reasons to workout in the morning. That doesn’t mean that if morning is an impossibility for you that you should skip the gym and give up, just that if you’re one of those people who have the ability to choose between a morning workout and another time of day, choose the morning. Normally, the gym is less crowded and you’re not yet wound up in the dramas of the day, so it creates a peaceful atmosphere, like a mini vacation with sweat.

You’ll jump start your metabolism for the day.

Whether you’re a morning person or not, an early morning workout gets your body going. I’ve had clients that told me it takes several cups of coffee and about two hours before they could mumble cohesive sentences whom I convinced to come to the earliest session. Their day was already hectic and a workout became harder to fit into their schedule as each hour passed. Each one of them took me up on the challenge and each one of them were amazed at how different they felt once they did. One study at Brigham Young University showed that when people worked out in the morning, they were more active the rest of the day. Another showed they burnt more calories throughout the day than those who didn’t exercise early.

When you workout early, you’ll be more likely to be consistent.

You know it yourself, as the day wears on, there are new demands on your time. A project can run overtime and before you know it, you’ve missed your workout session. Getting an early bird start avoids many of the conflicts that occur throughout the day. If you’re the checklist type of person, you’ve checked it off your list and can focus the rest of your day on other things.

You’ll become a human dynamo.

Even though you go into the workout with one eye closed, it will soon change before the end of the first set. While you might want that first cup of coffee to make it to the workout, once the workout begins, your body will provide the wake up call and become the source of energy. Studies show that exercise is a better stimulant than even coffee. It gets the blood circulating and wakes up the mind. That super zip to your step is one reason you shouldn’t exercise at night or you’ll find it hard to fall asleep. The water you drink to rehydrate also provides more energy than coffee.

You’ll do a better job throughout the day and be mentally quicker. One study shows that a brisk workout can boost your cognitive abilities by 12 percent. Coffee only gives a 6 percent boost.

Do you shower in the morning? Then a morning workout actually saves you the time it takes. You’ll get your after workout shower/hair/make-up prep and morning shower all at the same time.

Start your day with a smile. Sure you’ll face many challenges and rigors of the day, but you’ll have the happy hormones on your side that the body creates during a workout.

You’ll get many health benefits, one of which is lower blood pressure. One study at Appalachian State University showed that people who worked out in the morning had the benefit of lowering their blood pressure by 10 percent and that not only stayed lower throughout the day, lowered to up to 25 percent at night.

What You Should Teach Your Kids About Nutrition

What You Should Teach Your Kids About Nutrition

kids nutritionAnyone that’s struggled with extra pounds often found out the problem came from poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. As a mom, I want my children to get the best start in life that’s possible and I know most of my clients that are mothers feel the same. Knowing what to teach your kids about nutrition is often one of the problems parents face. But it’s one that’s easily solved.

Set a good example for the kids.

Kids learn to eat by what they’re served at home. Sure you’ve always got the picky eater who won’t touch the broccoli and tries to feed his or her Brussels sprouts to the dog, but with so many healthy recipes and healthy choices, you’re bound to find something that fits their palate as well as yours and is low in calories and high in nutrition. We tend to eat what we know, so make sure all snacks and meals are healthy and they’ll not only get a healthy start, it will probably continue the rest of their life.

Make it a rainbow and unicorn meal.

Okay, maybe unicorns aren’t part of the meal—especially not the meat part! The plates can be filled with a rainbow of color that will provide a wealth of nutrition. Choosing a fruits and vegetables in a wide variety of colors is a simple way to not only create a great looking plate of food, but one that’s packed with loads of different vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

Make eating healthy a game.

You can make it like a scavenger hunt, collecting and eating different vegetables and fruit. Keep a scoreboard listing the different vegetables each child that ate during the week and/or day. Creating fun displays like a whale from a watermelon stuffed with a mix of watermelon and other fresh fruit in its mouth. A pineapple porcupine and vegetable flowers make eating healthy more fun.

Have healthy snacks ready and in the refrigerator. It’s easier to eat healthy when there’s no effort involved. If it’s all ready to eat, the kids will help themselves.

Have them help you cook and make healthy meals. There are some simple tasks that don’t require knives or have anything to do with fire that young children can do. Older children can even find recipes and help create new delights for the meal.

Grow a garden. Even if you don’t have yard space, many vegetables can be grown in pots. Those will be more desirable to eat than store bought food. Find a U-pick and take the kids along if you’re just getting started and a garden is out of the question.

Take the kids to the grocery to help you shop. Show them how to pick healthy food. Teach them to read labels for ingredients and if they can’t pronounce the words or it sounds like a bad science experiment, it’s time to find something else to eat.

Fruits That Are A Sweet Treat

Fruits That Are A Sweet Treat

sweat treat fruitOnce you develop the habit of eating healthy, you’ll look forward to fruits that are a sweet treat, rather than the baked goods composed mostly of sugar and lard. They leave you more refreshed and actually have flavor, unlike some of the cardboard tasting treats you were used to eating. When you need a boost in the afternoon and a sweet snack sounds like it would hit the spot, try a medjool date stuffed with a teaspoon of organic unsalted almond butter. Medjool dates are large and super sweet. The combination will boost your energy level without spiking it, then suddenly dropping.

Get a cool summer frozen treat that’s both healthy and yummy.

How does a frozen chocolate banana sound? Pretty delicious, but also pretty fattening. Don’t worry these are made with dark chocolate, and each one is less than 100 calories. These are the perfect summer snack and made by cutting a banana in half. On the cut side, slip a Popsicle stick into the center to create your banana pop and freeze. When it’s frozen, it’s time to melt mini dark chocolate chips. Hold the banana over the bowl and spoon two teaspoons on each banana half. It should harden immediately and create this delicious treat you’ll want to have ready when hunger hits.

Fruit is getting a bad rap.

You hear lots of celebrities talk about cutting out the fruit from their diet because of the sugar, but it’s still a great diet choice in my book. You’ll be more apt to eat an apple rather than celery if you’re hungry for a candy bar and find it fills the bill. A sugary sweet slice of watermelon will keep your sweet tooth satisfied. While it’s true, there’s sugar in fruit, it comes in a package that contains other benefits, such as fiber, antioxidants and other nutrients. Blueberries contain anthocyanins to help prevent colon cancer and mangoes have a substance that prevents, slows and stops the growth of both breast and colon cancer cells.

Fruit is great for a snack before working out.

You’ll get plenty of fuel and energize your body when you have a fruit snack before you exercise. A study that compared sports drinks to eating a banana before cycling at top speed, found the banana superior in several ways. It triggered the release of dopamine faster and provided far more nutrition than the sports drink. Raisins, the grandmother of grapes—actually, it’s more like the reverse, but grapes are so shriveled!—did just as well as bananas, but had even more minerals and the prebiotic inulin.

Just because fruit is good for you, it doesn’t mean you can go overboard. Try to stick with just two servings a day, but when you have a huge work load that requires a little more energy, one more piece of won’t hurt and may really help.

You’ll get antioxidants from fruit that can keep your skin looking younger and keep you healthier by protecting the cells from damage, including sun exposure and pollution.

If you’re counting carbs, the number vary from fruit to fruit. Bananas and grapes are on the high end with cantaloupe and berries on the low side.

The best way to have fruit is whole fruit. Juice doesn’t fill you as much and has less fiber. A cup of juice has far more calories than a cup of the fruit it came from.

It Will Be Worth It Tomorrow

It Will Be Worth It Tomorrow

No matter how tired I get during a workout, I keep one thought in mind, “It will be worth it tomorrow!” In today’s world where everyone wants instant results, it’s hard to keep going when something takes more perseverance and dedication. Getting fit isn’t a one time shot or even an easy goal to accomplish. It takes dedication and continual striving to reach a goal. That isn’t to say you won’t see results within a few weeks, because you will. Just not the final goal or results you want…but it will be good indication of what is coming.

When you’re ready to quit before you’ve finished a workout or skip the workout entirely, keep tomorrow in mind.

You’re never going to have this day again, so make it count. Push yourself to accomplish what you wanted from this day, whether it’s working out in the gym or cleaning out a closet, and tomorrow you’ll be happy you did. Goals are accomplished one day at a time and unfortunately if you skip one day, it often becomes too easy to skip another and then another. Before you know it, that beautiful goal you created is no longer.

Do something toward your goals each day.

Each goal deserves some attention every day. If you want to lose weight, exercise, shop for healthy foods, remove unhealthy foods from your home and get moving. Even if it isn’t a day for the gym, turn on some music and dance through the house to burn a few extra calories. This is true for all goals, not just fitness. If a clean closet is the goal and you don’t have a lot of time, find one or two outfits that you no longer want or do one other small job that takes only a few minutes and before you know it, that huge job will be a lot easier.

Learn to appreciate everything you do to reach the goals.

Sometimes our goals are huge and it seems like we’ll never hit them. When I run up against that, I create smaller mini-goals that stair-step me to larger ones. I’ve learned to appreciate both the larger and smaller steps that take me where I ultimately want to be. While you need to remember how much you’ll appreciate your actions tomorrow, sometimes, you also need to appreciate what you did today.

When you need a little motivation, reach deeply for more resolve. If that doesn’t work, we’re always here for you to believe in you until you can believe in yourself.

Before you order that burger and fries, think about all the hard work you’ve already done. Wait and get a healthier meal or better yet, have healthy snacks and meals ready so you won’t be tempted.

You won’t fall off the wagon forever. One indiscretion does not negate all the hard work you’ve put into getting fit. If you’ve missed a workout or ate far more junk food than you should, it shouldn’t end everything. Get right back to work on your road to fitness the next day.

Have fun with your workout and support those around you. That comradery adds to your resolve to succeed. Getting fit may be hard, but it still can be fun.

How to Strengthen Your Will-Power

How to Strengthen Your Will-Power

Wilting Will-power? Strengthen That Muscle!

Has your will-power muscle been getting a worXout? Had this conversation with a client and thought I’d share…

Have you been neglecting your will-power muscle without realizing it? What do I mean by that? Well, your will-power is just like a muscle. You have to put it to work in order to strengthen it but not too often because it does need to recover.

If you’ve been letting your will-power take a rest too often lately, saying yes to ice cream more nights than you should or yes to that extra drink, too many chips or bread before dinner…

If you don’t have that uncomfortable feeling of saying “No Thank You” on a regular basis and training yourself to get comfortable being uncomfortable (and you aren’t where you want to be physically yet!) then think about this…

• Every time you say no thank you when you really want to indulge in eating or drinking something you are strengthening your will-power muscle.

• Every time you show up for your worXout even when you are tired and don’t feel like it you are strengthening your will-power muscle.

• Realize you may have had to use your will-power muscle throughout your day and by the end of the day your will power muscle is sapped. Which makes sense why you are more likely to blow off your workout at the end of the day and indulge in something you hadn’t planned.

The key to building up your will-power muscle is to do it gradually just like any other muscle. You wouldn’t just start with lifting 300lbs. You start with 5-10lbs, then 20lbs, etc. progressing slowly over time.

As you go through your day today think about what kind of worXout your will- power muscle is getting and then exercise it at some point to say no thank you to something you normally would have said yes to…have one less drink or only 2 cookies or go for a walk or do something active when you least feel like it. You can do it!

When your friends say- “Stay for one more drink!” and you say “No Thank you not tonight” or you sit at dinner with the bread basket or chip basket in front of you untouched you can rest assured knowing I’m giving my will-power a worXout!

Gradually as you start to exercise your will-power muscle you’ll find that it’ll get stronger and easier to use more often rather than having to grit your way through the day. You got this!

If you’re serious about giving your will-power a good workout and really strengthen it and you are ready to build long term habits, join us at The WorX By Maia for a FREE week!

If you’ve been stuck in a rut, let us help you break out of it!  Questions? Give us a call at 540-421-8527 or email

Define Yourself

Define Yourself

If someone asks you to define yourself, they might want a more explicit definition of what you’re saying or are asking you to tell them more about who you really are inside and what you think is important. In the gym, when we say “define yourself,” it can mean workout to add definition to your muscles and give them that rippled six pack look. It also means identify the type of person you are and prove your dedication to making your life better by accomplishing your fitness goals and encouraging others to do the same.

Actions speak louder than words.

If you really want to get fitter, taking action is the most important step. No matter how much you talk about getting fit and how many videos or books you read on the subject, nothing happens until you start working out and eating healthier. What you do to accomplish goals also affects all areas of your life. I like to think that the work we do at the Worx helps keep people motivated to do their best and accomplish those goals. Not only does the staff help encourage others, encouragement comes from other members of the team working toward their goals. Starting is the most important action you can take.

You’ll define yourself and become the person you want to be when you stick to your dream with persistence.

I don’t take a commitment lightly. When I make one, whether to another person or to myself. I do everything possible to stick to it. I believe that it’s what defines me as a person. While keeping a commitment to another is important, keeping a commitment to yourself is just as important. If you’ve made a commitment to fitness, I’ll back you a 100% to ensure that you can succeed. That’s my commitment to you. As you persevere each day, it builds the mental toughness to insure not only this goal and promise to yourself is accomplished, but also new goals down the road are reached.

You’ll define every muscle in your body on your path to reach your ultimate fitness goal.

There’s nothing more attractive than the sculptured lines of a healthy body, whether it’s on a man or woman. While women don’t bulk up like men do, they still build the sinewy muscles that toned and strong, while shedding extra pounds that hide that progress. When you define yourself mentally and take on the challenge of getting into shape, you’ll develop definition and strength in your muscles.

Take care of yourself. You define who you are by the way you care for yourself. Self neglect isn’t noble. In fact, it’s far from it. When you’re healthy and in good shape you have the strength to take care of others. When you’re not healthy, they have to take care of you.

You are what you eat. Of course, that’s figuratively said, but true. When you eat healthy, you are healthy. Choosing to say “no” to unhealthy food, defines you.

The body is about 50 to 75% water. When you workout, don’t forget to replenish your supply.

We believe in you and your ability to achieve anything. Let us help you make your dream come true.

Stay Mentally Motivated

Stay Mentally Motivated

%image_alt%If you’ve worked out before but found it almost impossible to stay mentally motivated, which ultimately led you to quit, you probably had the wrong workout program. While any program for getting into shape will help if you follow through diligently, it’s not always that easy. Having one that’s made specifically for your needs will give you the best results. It should be hard and challenge you, but not so hard that you get discouraged and give up in the process. That’s why using a personal trainer can be so helpful. Trainer’s make sure the program works for your level of fitness and fitness needs.

You should have fun with your workout.

One of the reasons I recommend group training is that it’s so much more fun than working out alone. You have the group energy that helps boost you up when you’re down and drives you harder when you’re feeling your best. Having fun while you workout makes you look forward to the next session and that’s a huge part of recipe for success.

Learn to do just one more.

Most of the people I work with are happy when they’ve accomplished their goals, but some of the most successful people that get the biggest results are those with the “one more” attitude. Whether they’re struggling to achieve their goals or mastered a workout, they use the attitude of just one more. Before they give up they focus on doing just one more and do the same after that. Tackling the last few push-ups, weights or other exercise with the attitude of just one more gets you to your goal before you know it and then helps you surpass it.

Keep your exercise program varied.

One reason we vary the exercise programs so much is to prevent plateauing. Plateauing occurs when your body becomes too efficient at doing a specific movement. While efficiency is normally good, when you exercise it means you don’t burn as many calories. Of course, varying your workout also helps keep you mentally focused and prevents boredom that can occur from doing the same routine repeatedly.

When you workout, keep your mind focused on the movement of each muscle and muscle group. You’ll be amazed at how much command you start to develop over your body.

Have big goals, but also break them down to smaller ones. While your overall goal may be huge, having smaller, more easily accomplished goals can help keep your head in the game.

Check out your progress in other ways besides loss of inches or weight. When you realize you can workout five minutes longer than you did a week before without getting winded or are able to lift five more pounds, you’ll get a boost of satisfaction to keep you mentally focused.

Keep your eye on the prize. Always keep your goal in mind. It helps you stay more mentally motivated.