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About Us

We worked with Olympic Athletes from various countries. Soccer, swimming, volleyball, rugby, track and field, basketball and more.

  • Assisted professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLS, NWSL, MLB, USA Rugby, and European soccer leagues
  • Worked with over 1,000 athletes across all sports

Team Onyx Elite (Semi-Private)

Athletes looking for individual attention while working alongside their peers in groups of 2-8. Safely developing them from where they are now to where they want to be. They will be able to build strength, power, speed, athletic intelligence, prevent injury, mobility, endurance, and more. Setting them up for the next level with the work ethic and confidence to succeed on and off the field.

Onyx Elite 1n1 (Individual)

Athletes looking for an individualized program catering to their specific goals, needs, and areas of improvement. The goal is to prevent injury and improve specific moment dysfunction while developing athletic capacity and performance. Such a program truly develops the athlete to think, perform, and compete to the best of their ability.

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Onyx Elite Team Training

Custom packages are available for local teams looking to take advantage of a large group discount. Team training will be customized to match the scheduling needs of the team, with on site or off site options. All programs will be geared towards reducing the risk of injury and developing strategies to improve athletic performance for a specific sport.


Training clinics and seminars are great for everyone, especially individuals and teams who don’t have the convenience to train with us on a daily or weekly basis. These special events will highlight the latest in training methods and cover performance topics such as injury prevention, strength training, active recovery, and more. Events will also feature special guests to talk about the journey as an athlete and life lessons through sports.

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Onyx Elite Recovery and REGENeration

Recovery is essential to consistently perform at the highest level. It is important to provide an individual’s nervous and musculoskeletal system with the proper passive and active interventions and modalities. This is done to foster muscle recovery and mental well-being that will lead to further physical and mental well-being.

  • A REGENeration session consists of…
  • Cupping therapy
  • Instrumented Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)
  • Compression therapy
  • Active movement

To help return our athletes to their most optimal state mentally and physically.

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